Importance of Product Sampling in Driving Sales and Increasing Brand Awareness with Robins Group of Company

Accelerate Your Business Growth

For every business, customer acquisition is a recurring business activity. It is highly expensive to attract new customers and also retain existing ones. Whether you own a small business, a start-up or a large-scale organisation, with Taskmo you can attract new customers with our successful customer acquisition strategy and help accelerate business growth.Our efficient sales personnel will expand your customer base through our innovative user acquisition strategy and ramp up customer acquisition in the fastest way possible. With our personalised customer acquisition strategy, we can help you identify the right opportunities, optimize their buying decision, leverage present technology and help in creating high-quality leads and fulfilling your sales goals within a quick turnaround time

Product Sampling

At Robins Group of Company, we think that a customer's decision to make a purchase is significantly influenced by product sample. A sole purpose of product sampling is to raise brand recognition and boost sales. The Robins Group of Companies has assisted well-known companies in reaching over a million consumers over the past three years. The Robins Group of Companies has marketed goods to consumers of all ages and worked with products from all sectors. We can assist you in sampling almost anything and frame an innovative product sampling strategy. At Robins Group of Companies, we have a thorough understanding of your brand and target audience and work with you to execute a successful campaign that will help you achieve your goals. The Robins Group of Company team will collaborate well.

Direct Sampling
Under this service, our samplers make direct contact with the target group and help reach out your product to them.
Indirect Sampling
Under this service, we ensure that your product reaches the target group without any physical interaction involved.
Event Based Product Sampling
With event-based sampling, you can reach to your target audience and even gain potential customers and increase brand awareness.
In-Mail Sampling Services
Under this service, we help you to reach distant audiences through mails and ensure that they garner conversions.
Segmented/Targeted Sampling
With this service, we reach out to specific segments in your audience category through multiple innovative techniques.
Custom Product Sampling
Under this service, we completely customize your product sampling method and ensure your objectives are fulfilled.

Influencer Marketing has emerged as a widely accepted trend in today’s digital world. Influencer marketing has turned out to be a widely accepted and trusted method of acquiring customers online. At Robins Group of Company, we strongly believe in providing sustainable influencer marketing services that lead to organic results. Robins Group of Company has specialised in working with brands related to beauty, health and wellness, nutrition, personal care, lifestyle, art and much more. We also work with brands for film integrations and celebrity endorsements.We help with ideating brand strategies, identifying the right micro-influencers and macro-influencers, crafting compelling content and delivering high-engagement campaigns. We, at Robins Group of Company, provide dedicated end to end support from understanding the brief, scouting for the right influencers from the influencer marketplace, tracking the campaign constantly and reporting to the concerned constantly and working towards the success of the campaign.

  • Customised Influencer Campaigns.
  • Access to Micro and Macro Influencers.
  • Higher Conversions and ROI.
  • Multiple Services.

The only way to maintain clients is to provide good customer service. An expanding number of firms and organisations place an emphasis on good customer service. At Robins Group of Company, our customer support services are of the utmost importance. We understand that securing new clients and retaining existing ones are essential for the success of any business venture. With expanding business activities, you can hardly find time to have a dedicated customer support service provider like Robins Group of Company which will help you save time, effort and money.Robins Group of Company is highly committed towards providing continued quality customer support services. Robins Group of Company aims to provide excellent customer support service and improve client satisfaction while providing the desired results.

  • Instant Access to Experienced Professionals.
  • Effective and Efficient Inbound and Outbound Services.
  • A unique and distinctive processes.
  • A broad range of industry bound customer support services.

The brand image of a business can be easily tarnished by user-generated content that does not adhere to platform rules. Our content moderation services protect your brand from online bullies and trolls by preventing them from publishing objectionable content. We offer a variety of content moderation services that are tailored to clients' specific business needs including picture moderation, video moderation, text moderation, etc.Our dedicated team of professionals makes sure that any objectionable internet information is removed without degrading the user experience as a whole. Hence, our unparalleled content moderation services enable clients to calibrate their user-generated content at cost-effective rates.

  • Ensure perfect accuracy with best-in-class services.
  • Customised end-to-end workflow.
  • Scalable service with dedicated team experts.
  • Minimising cost with efficiency.